CertoraMutate : Results are still not ready, trying in 15 seconds

Hi, when I use CertorateMutate with the sync mode, the script attempts to retrieve the result every 15 seconds. Given that the proof will take more than 20 minutes, is there an option to increase this timeframe?

Additionally, I suspect that if some jobs are not yet executed, the script will stop and provide results only for the executed jobs.

(Received a bad response code when trying to fetch output.json - Error 404: Failed to get results for Status of job 13d3207a45c44c5bb964289aee1a1e6c)

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Hi there. I wonder why you want to run it in sync mode.

I don’t know about any flags, so I can’t suggest how to increase the timeframe. You can check all available options here: Using Gambit with the Prover — Certora Prover Documentation 0.0 documentation

I will also ask our team to take a look and maybe they can help you.

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Thanks, i was trying each option from CertoraMutate and wanted to see how sync mode worked.